Zakat removed Poverty?

The potential of Zakat as a source of poverty eradication is optimistic and positive. However, the gulf between theory and reality can often be significant. In South and South East Asia, this gulf unfortunately exists. Zakat implementation has had limited success and suffers from significant inefficiency. The woes of modern day Zakat are in stark…


Come Fast For Charity

Last year we had Alex & Savanna fast for our charity to help the needy, the destitute and the homeless during the blessed month of Ramadhaan, these 2 superstars fasted for over 18 hours on the 31st May 2018, we welcomed them and broke fast together at around 9:45. This year Alex and Savanna have…


Exclusive Interview with Co-Founder of UK Education & Faith Foundation

With an aim to restore social harmony in the UK, UK Education & Faith Foundation (UKEFF) was founded in 2009. Over the past decade, the group has had various initiatives focusing on communal cohesion and improved understanding between different sectors of the society. On the sidelines of the 7th British Muslim Awards, which took place last month in…


UKEFF Finalists in British Muslim Awards

Nasim Ashraf a Rochdale Businessman who has been running his successful IT company (iiPlus) from Drake Street Rochdale since 2014 has been inundated with thousands messages of love and compassion for coordinating & bringing Mosques & Churches together all around Britain during last Years winter spell when temperatures plummeted, and opening the doors to the…


5 Years on

Press Release 14th January 2019 UK Education & Faith Foundation (UKEFF) Celebrate 5 years as a registered charity, On Sunday the 13th January 2019, UKEFF Celebrated their 5th anniversary of becoming a charitable organisation. UKEFF primarily address the needs of the needy, vulnerable and homeless in Oldham and operate the Oldham Food Aid Hub in…


UKEFF to reach out on Christmas Day again

The UK Education and Faith Foundation (UKEFF) – a small local small charity which operates from the Unitarian Chapel in Oldham every Monday – is once again hosting its free Christmas meal offer on Christmas Day. For the fifth year running, the meal will have the usual trimmings of Christmas turkey, puddings and roast potatoes, as well…


Charity Begins At Home

UKEFF are very proud to give you a few highlights of last years activities in this brief summary of what we do and who we serve, this is just a glimpse of some of the effort that has gone into the charitable work within the region and no way does it reflect all the work…


Keep Zakat Local

3rd year running UKEFF are pleased to announce our Local Zakat Campaign, as charity begins at home, we have championed the local Zakat Campaigns throughout the uk bringing the focus back to our neighbours and people who reside within our locality and our reach. Zakat has a purpose and that is to restore social balance,…


I Am Human

For the second year running, we have ran our famous I am Human Campaign with success, this documentary details some of the concerns and issues that illegal wars abroad have raised whilst it irons out some of the misconstrued terms that people associate to. Please do watch the video and share with your contacts to…

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