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Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

Due to increased demand by service users over the Christmas period, UKeff organized 3 days of additional activities and provisions, in addition to the regular Monday Oldham Food Aid Hub. The activities were held in the usual venue of Oldham Unitarian Chapel and were a means to provide the homeless and needy of our community with a safe, warm place to receive assistance and to enjoy a friendly, festive atmosphere.

Many of UKeff’s service users are homeless – either living in temporary accommodation, ‘sofa-surfing’, or rough sleeping. Substance abuse is a frequent issue and so are the subsequent physical and mental health problems which follow. UKeff also assists those at risk of homelessness, domestic abuse victims and their children, vulnerable and disadvantaged adults, the lonely and elderly, individuals and families suffering economic hardship and food poverty, and refugees and destitute asylum seekers. In addition to registered UKeff service users, other local agencies were contacted during December with details of the activities and a referral form.

On 25th December, UKeff Co-founder Nasim Ashraf was invited to address the congregation at Oldham Parish Church, where he highlighted the work of UKeff to help the needy of our community. This was televised live on BBC1 as part of the Christmas day service viewed by millions across Britain, you can watch the Muslim Message by clicking here

You can see a short video here and read our full report here Xmas18





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