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Zakat (Alms Giving) is the 3rd Pillar of Islam. It has a clear and distinctive objective. It is often considered as a compulsory charity in Islam, one which everyone who claims they are Muslim must pay if they exceed the savings limit, set by God Almighty

This year why not revive that forgotten Sunnah of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and send your Zakat to Oldham’s Fourth Emergency Service, UKeff.

Every Muslim pays 2.5% of his or her surplus wealth to the poor every single year. The purpose of Zakat is to purify your wealth. Muslims cannot consume their earnings until they have paid the obligatory dues. So in short the sustenance you eat, earn or consume is not lawful until you have paid the due Zakat on it, which is 2.5% of the net surplus per annum.

Zakat is only supposed to be spent locally. In fact the Prophet Muhammad Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him, never sent any Zakat to foreign areas neither did he encourage it. The primary function of Zakat is to create Social Balance in the society where the money was earned, this is the way your wealth is then purified.

You can make a one off Zakat payment or you could setup a direct debit and spread the payments across the year. You can see where your Zakat is being spent as we are based locally, plus you can be involved in the delivery of your Zakat by volunteering with us.

Why not join hands with us this year and help us champion the work of the Prophets of God Almighty throughout time, by taking from the rich and distributing to the poor.

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