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“That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero.”

~Stan Lee

What Can UKeff Offer You?

  • Provide a range of opportunities for you to develop practical experience, support and advice skills and knowledge
  • Develop key employability skills
  • Build confidence and develop social skills
  • To access a range of training opportunities
  • Develop a sense of belonging, satisfaction, purpose and for you to play a valued role in society
  • Provide written references and experience for jobs, college or university entrance and apprenticeship programmes

Why Volunteer for UKeff?

  • Our Creator commands us to be caring and compassionate towards the less fortunate.
  • We all have something to offer
  • With UKeff you can make a difference to your community
  • You can make a difference to someone’s life
  • We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone
  • UKeff has established a large network with other charities & organisations to maximise the reach of our projects
  • We have a wide range of projects & campaigns which accommodate the many different skills of our volunteers
  • UKeff has something to offer you, to develop, be valued and recognised for your skills and talents

Volunteer to Develop & Succeed

We have actively supported volunteers to apply for opportunities within the organisation, to access further education, and apply for external employment opportunities.

“My volunteering with UKeff led to me being given a part time paid post as a benefits caseworker. I thoroughly enjoy working with UKeff and the vast opportunities and experience it offers”

Taeeba Akhtar

“As a former Service User I relied on UKeff support to help me become independent. UKeff gave me the opportunity to join their team as a volunteer. I have developed so many skills and rebuilt my confidence and ability to communicate with others. The happy and caring atmosphere within UKeff makes me want to come back at every opportunity as Team UKeff are more like a family and always there when you need them. I have used the skills to obtain a part time job as a carer and UKeff are helping me to set up my own cleaning company, for which I am extremely grateful”

Adetola Adedeji

“I volunteered for UKeff for a few years whilst I was studying. I applied for medical school and they wanted a reference from UKeff before they gave me a place. The reference from UKeff was outstanding and guaranteed me the place at medical school. I cannot thank UKeff enough for this opportunity”

Siraj Fareed

How You Can Get Involved

  • Assist in providing breakfast and hot meal, food parcels to Service Users between 10am-1:30pm and help clean the kitchen and cafe (weekly)
  • Set up the Food Aid Hub ready for food and clothing to be distributed
  • Reception staff, taking down details of service users and monitoring entry to the Food Hub area
  • Carry out assessments and signpost Service Users
  • Do the weekly shop/s for the Food Aid Hub
  • Stock the shelves and do weekly stock take
  • Supervise the Food Aid Hub to ensure there is no misuse during the hours of operation
  • Home deliveries of food to those who are unable to attend the service

Weekly distribution of meat parcel to destitute asylum seekers every Thursday 12:30-2:30pm at the Oldham Baptist Church

Support Service Users and see if they need referrals to UKeff for further support

Identify women and children who need additional support
Identify needs and how these can be met
Offer a listening ear
Befriending Service to make friends and build community networks
Referrals and Signposting Service

Offer practical support – accompany service users to the Job Centre, library, appointments and other public places

Train to become a Support Worker

Assess new Service Users to identify appropriate help

Review existing Service Users

Retail: Pricing, stock checking, sorting clothing, ironing & cleaning

Admin: filing, photocopying and scanning.

Helping on the till serving customers and dealing with transactions

Daily & Weekly Cash Report

  • Raise awareness of UKeff through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  • Assist with poster and leaflet distribution
  • Attend and represent UKeff at local events
  • Help arrange a fundraiser (e.g. run a market stall, bucket collection, cake & bake sale or car wash)
  • Learn skills to advise and signpost service users
  • Advise on issues such as housing, benefits and simple immigration, form filling and referrals
  • Manage the requested and donated items of furniture & household goods for needy families
  • Network with businesses and organizations and individuals for sponsorship
  • Join the Marketing Team to assist with publicity
  • Think of a unique idea for an event to bring the community together
  • Build on existing Partnerships to further the work of UKeff

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