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UKEFF Finalists in British Muslim Awards

UKEFF Finalists in British Muslim Awards

Nasim Ashraf a Rochdale Businessman who has been running his successful IT company (iiPlus) from Drake Street Rochdale since 2014 has been inundated with thousands messages of love and compassion for coordinating & bringing Mosques & Churches together all around Britain during last Years winter spell when temperatures plummeted, and opening the doors to the homeless, the lonely and the destitute, whilst serving them with emergency hot meals, emergency food parcels, a warm place to stay and a set of clean clothes.

So profound was this work that Nasim who is also the CO Founder of UKEFF, was invited to tell us why he did this live on BBC1 on Christmas Day from the Parish Church in Oldham, directly addressing Millions of Viewers all around the Globe he told the world how this is a direct instruction from the Almighty, you can watch the Muslim Message of Peace & Unity here.

UKEFF (UK Education & Faith Foundation has been running the Oldham Food Aid Hub in Oldham from The Unitarian Chapel for over 4 years on a self funded and self referral basis serving up to 150 people per week from Oldham, Rochdale and surrounding areas, the charity has also been recognised & saluted at the House of Lords, you can see the full report and article here.

Nasim has always maintained that Charity begins at home and we are the very fabric of Britain, he further explained that both his Grand Fathers were in the British Armed Forces in the second world war, therefore if this is not my country then where is? Our loyalty our struggle and our energy must be directed here on our doorstep to remove destitution and help the community in which we live in.

This was recently published in the Rochdale Online News you can read the article publishedย here.

We thank everyone for their continuous support and prayers, without this UKEFF would not have been as successful as it has been.

Please continue to support us and lets unite against poverty in Britain.



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