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2009: UKeff Founded

UKeff is a charity that was set up in 2009 to educate the communities of Oldham following the riots and increasing levels of Islamophobia. Their aim was to repair the divided community through education, to show that our differences are beneficial, and that we can unite on the common good. The project Meet Your Muslim Neighbour was unique in bringing together different backgrounds at exhibitions where differences could be explored, over a cup of tea, food and an informal chat.

2010: Collaboration with Oldham Unity

UKeff teamed up with a local project called Oldham Unity to support destitute asylum seekers, by offering hot meals and halal meat. UKeff also offered immigration advice and support, which led to the start of sadaqah and zakat collection and distribution for those who were homeless or with no income.

2015: Oldham Food Aid Hub

The rise in support needs and donations led to the opening of the Oldham Food Aid Hub in 2015 in partnership with the Oldham Unitarian Chapel. This was a unique project supporting anyone who presented themselves in need due to food poverty, offering a holistic approach which included a food parcel, clothing, household items, crisis financial support and a hot breakfast and lunch with the opportunity to socialise. This offer also included an advice and signposting service. 


2017: Charity Begins At Home

In November 2017, UKeff opened their charity shop ‘Charity Begins At Home’ at 72 Yorkshire Street, Oldham which has also had the benefit of creating work experience opportunities.

2020: Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic meant the Oldham Food Aid Hub had to transfer from the chapel to the charity shop and offices, where it continues to operate from today. The pandemic also created an enormous influx of referrals and requests for support, meaning the charity expanded in its remit to meet these new demands.

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