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Man & Woman vs No Food

Man & Woman vs No Food

Lockdown Edition 2020

On Wednesday 6th May 2020Alex Streeter and Leanne Jackson from JMW Solicitors will be fasting to raise funds for UKeff. This is the 3rd year of fundraising fasting – raising over £1000 in 2018, and an amazing £4200.25 in 2019! Can we beat the amount this year and reach £5,000?

This year is a unique situation due to the Covid-19 Crisis and subsequent social distancing and isolation. Therefore, there will be no communal iftaar dinner (breaking of the fast meal) at Hafizan and Nasim’s house this year. Instead, Alex and Leanne will be preparing and cooking their own iftaars – so look out for their updates on the day!

Fasting from dawn to sunset is difficult enough, especially if you are not used to it. It’s made even more difficult when you’re the one doing the cooking!

So let’s show our support to our fantastic fasting fundraisers by donating generously!


Alex and Leanne have been joined by Mrs Morgan and Joan Frost, who are also fasting to raise funds for us! Mrs Morgan has been a volunteer with UKeff for an amazing 9 years, first joining us as we distributed food for communal iftaars. Joan Frost joined us to feed the vunerable at Christmas in 2018, and has stayed with us ever since. Please show your support for these wonderful ladies – both have set personal sponsor targets of £1,000 -click on their sponsor links below where you can leave a message of support.

06/05/2020: Iftaar Time

06/05/2020: The Early Suhoor Club

05/05/2020: The Night Before…

Last week, we had a live video chat with Alex and Leanne about their upcoming fundraising fast

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