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UKeff (UK Education & Faith Foundation), was founded in 2009, to rebuild communities around the UK. Our aim is to restore social harmony and balance back into a community, which has had many unstable times. We have various initiatives focusing on community cohesion and improved understanding between different sectors of society, be they of a religious, cultural, ethnic or socio-economic nature.

We are an Oldham based registered charity (®️ Charity No 1150921) run by volunteers, working locally to alleviate social problems and to build bridges between different parts of the community. We rely upon the generous donations of charitable individuals and businesses to be able to carry out our work. In November 2017 we opened our charity shop ‘Charity Begins At Home’ at 72 Yorkshire Street, Oldham which has also had the benefit of creating work experience opportunities.

Currently we operate the Oldham Food Aid Hub every Monday where we provide food parcels, advice and support, hot meals and warm clothing. In addition to this we support a large number of needy families in the Oldham area and also victims of domestic abuse. Our service users come from a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities and faiths. Amongst those we support are the homeless, asylum seekers, refugees, domestic abuse victims, substance users, destitute families and individuals, the elderly and lonely persons. We have provided an annual Christmas dinner, Christmas and Ramadhaan Food Parcels as well as Christmas and Eid gifts and activities.

At UKeff, we also offer our service users benefits advice, liaising with other agencies and services to ensure our dependent users achieve independent lives. Our service users know they are welcome to come back at any time they experience any hardship, as we are always here to help and support and ultimately prevent issues that could lead to homelessness.

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