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We believe our children are our future and to secure our and their future we must not only educate them, but also teach them sufficient skills and confidence for them to be able to socially interact with people of all ages, and ethnis and socio-economic backgrounds. We teach our children to understand and respect everyone, and by giving them responsibility at a young age we believe they will grow up to be an inspiration to others. We at Ukeff believe children should be an integral part of our work, so whether its and event or a social the children have their place. However we have taken this desire for children to be responsible one step further and bought about with one of our partner organisations the Shining Stars Show. This is an event for children presented by children, consisting of songs, poems, plays and recitations from the Quran, or other religious scriptures. We aim to broaden our theme this year and include children from more diverse backgrounds in an aim to come create unity amongst our children. We also believe our children are important and need to be able to socialise at times of the year that are of importance to them. We have therefore organised Eid celebration Parties for them, with the aim of inviting friends from different faiths to join in these celebrations.


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